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Herbal Affiliate Programs

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Herbal Affiliate Programs


Herbal Affiliate Program

"Herbal Affiliate Program" article by: MarketHealth

Want to be a part of the hottest selling trend? When you join our Herbal Affiliate Program you'll be joining a worldwide leader in the health, weight loss, skin care and adult supplement industry. Our products are a proven success, with a wide variety of price points, extensive testing, and exclusively designed sites that showcase the best selling products on the highest converting sites. If you are a website owner and are looking to generate explosive income, look no further!

With our Herbal Affiliate Program you are in control of your income: customize your existing store or a new one to advertise and promote our products, we help you every step of the way. Or choose to just link to our site and we'll provide a customized exit for your site. Our Affiliates are our first priority, to facilitate your success we'll include a Campaign Management System to help you track your marketing efforts, and our Webmaster Support Team will be available with a quick answer anytime you need them.

We've saved the best for last! As our Herbal Affiliate you'll earn an incredible 50% revenue share, and another 50% on all reorders. If you know other Webmasters, you'll also receive 5% for referring them to us. Plus, unlike some other sites, we do not subscribe to any dishonest practices and believe in paying our Affiliates their commissions when due. You're commission will be paid automatically twice a month on the 1st and the 16th, with no minimums. Our sophisticated tracking system allows you to see real stats, and easily and accurately allows us to keep track of all commissions, even phone and mail orders.

We believe in rewarding you for all your work, we'll even let you keep your commission when a product is returned! With our Affiliate Program we have incentive programs to encourage your success; our Super Affiliates who sell 5 or more products per day, can negotiate more favorable commission terms.

As a global leader in the health and vitamin supplement industry, Market Health offers a variety of safe and effective health supplements to meet the demand of any type of traffic you may have. We have the hottest selling products in the health, weight loss, skin care and adult industries.

We have created, tested and proven success with a wide variety of herbal supplements, multiple price points, and numerous design templates for each site to establish the best selling products matched with the highest converting sites on the net

We offer the highest paying affiliate program and the best tracking software available anywhere! Look no further.

Simply sign up for our affiliate program, get marketing materials, and start sending traffic! Every time you send us a customer, you earn a 50% referral fee from all qualifying sales made. We provide you with the tools and content you need to succeed. There's no easier way to add ecommerce to your site.

Article by: MarketHealth

Herbal Affiliate Programs