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Cash Swimmers | Running Since: 09/2009


Make so much cash you can swim in it! 40% Comissions for Popular Male Enhancement herbal products. $50 Signup Bonus!

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3497 days

Rating: 18.00

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xxxxx@gmail.com , 64.38.xxx.xxx said on 26-Oct-10 : Report Bad Comment

What a crap... Never had a single sale with them while many other programs sell good...

xxxxx@webhitstation.com , 75.70.xxx.xxx said on 25-Aug-10 : Report Bad Comment

Why bother? Go with the original CashBURNers which has a great track record. This cSWIMers may just fold one day and take all monies due affiliates. Its an unknown. Go with the best, which is the original cashBURNers.com has the track record and honest owner/management. this SWIMer program pretty much just copied some of the original products. niagraX??? what the f? he adds an X?

xxxxx@natural24.net , 78.46.xxx.xxx said on 11-Aug-10 : Report Bad Comment

Your products sell great, i have the best conversion with some of your products, but it is true that you need to rewrite all the pages and make own sites for best rankings.

xxxxx@gmail.com , 86.181.xxx.xxx said on 11-Jul-10 : Report Bad Comment

Very poor looking sales pages - there are lots of similar products with much better converting designs

xxxxx@gmail.com , 64.79.xxx.xxx said on 05-Jun-10 : Report Bad Comment

All your sites and cheap designs look like crap... it never sells.

xxxxx@gmail.com , 86.61.xxx.xxx said on 04-Mar-10 : Report Bad Comment

Perfect program and perfect affiliate support! Recommended for all online marketers!

xxxxx@gmail.com , 95.176.xxx.xxx said on 11-Dec-09 : Report Bad Comment

CashSwimmers are simply the best! I am making regular sales with them and CashSwimming is becoming my secondary job. Hopefully one day it will be primarily!

xxxxx@gmail.com , 95.176.xxx.xxx said on 25-Sep-09 : Report Bad Comment

My best affiliate program! Ive already made first grand by them! Really great converting templates.

xxxxx@gmail.com , 118.92.xxx.xxx said on 22-Sep-09 : Report Bad Comment

this rocks

xxxxx@gmail.com , 118.92.xxx.xxx said on 22-Sep-09 : Report Bad Comment

this rocks!!

xxxxx@gmail.com , 95.176.xxx.xxx said on 22-Sep-09 : Report Bad Comment

Great program, ive already made first $300 with them! And already got paid! :)

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